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Deadline: Thursday, Mar 10, 2022, 11:00am

The call for proposals Academy | Art | Public Sphere Project Funding invites all regular students and staff of the Academy to submit projects that proactively position themselves in public spheres.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is a place of diverse artistic, scientific, social practices, perspectives and thought. It sees itself as a social force and proactively intends to become more involved in public debates within the coming years.

One of the Academy's declared focal points is its engagement within different and diverse public urban audiences, addressees and actors. Characterising its understanding of artistic practices, including intervention in public space, as well as actionist and activist art forms, mediation of scientific work and profiling university policies.  

At the same time, the Academy's claim onto artistic and scientific research is recursive in a comprehensive way: Shaping public discourses which condition the Academy itself. The work of such a recursive university is based on a coordinated and well-networked event policy and practice, including artistic interventions and political debates as well as scientific conferences. (Link to the Mission Statement ACADEMY | ART | PUBLIC SPHERE)

The call for proposals Project Funding Academy | Art | Public invites all regular students and staff of the Academy to submit projects that proactively position themselves in public spheres.

Submission for subvention is possible for Projects initiated and implemented by employees or students of the Academy

  • projects and interventions initiated and implemented by staff and students of the Academy(Submissions will be accepted only from and email addresses.)
  • individual as well as studios, department and group projects
  • new project ideas as well as projects already in progress
  • projects that will be realised between June and December 2022

The total budget for funding all projects this year is 15,000 euros. The selected projects will receive financial support and will be supported in establishing visibility.

The funded projects will be publicly presented in the summer semester and realized between June and December 2022.

The jurors are Katharina Egger (Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien), Iva Čukić (Ministry of Space, Belgrade) as well as from the Academy Stephanie Damianitsch (Contemporary Exhibition Office), Anna Weiss (Institute for Education in the Arts), Moira Hille (Institute for Art Theories and Studies) and Johan Hartle (Rector) as well as Lars* Kollros and Florian Berrar (studiens union).

Submission documents (in a PDF with 10 to max. 30 pages and max. 5 MB)

  • short description of your project proposal (max. 800 characters)
  • project description with concept, sketches or photos as well as naming of possible cooperation partners
  • budget and time schedule
  • portfolio of previous projects
  • CV
  • Links to audio files and videos can be filled in the application form.

Please submit all information in this order in one PDF!

Deadline Thursday 10 March 2022, 11.00 a.m.

For further information please contact Christine Rogi (, +43 1 588 16-1020)


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