Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2020/21

Deadline: Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020, 10:24am

The dissertation scholarship for the final phase aims to support doctoral students in the last phase of their dissertation until completion.

Funding for:
  • Regular students (“ordentliche Studierende”) of all doctoral studies of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna or of the University of Art and Design Linz can apply for the fellowship.
  • The applicants should convincingly convey that the successful finalization of the dissertation or the PhD-project is possible during the fellowship.
  • The expected quality of the dissertation or the PhD-Project is a central criterion in the selection process.
  • The fellowship can only be awarded once per person during the whole doctoral/PhD study period.
  • Applications can be submitted either in German or in English.
  • The fellowships have to be started within six months after the applicants have been informed about the award of the fellowship /between January and June 2021).
  • The net income or the amount of other sources of funding (e.g. grants, fellowships etc.) must not exceed EUR 841,-- per month on average during the fellowship. This amount represents the highest stipend according to the Studies Grant Act.
  • Completed application form in the online submission platform (calls.akbild.ac.at)

The following documents need to be uploaded:

  • Current certification of enrollment
  • Approved Dissertation Agreement (supervision agreement signed with Dr. techn.)
  • CV of the doctoral/Ph.D. candidate, including publication list and/or listing of previous artistic activities
  • Abstract of the dissertation or the PhD-project (1 page max.)
  • Detailed work plan and time plan for the completion of the dissertation or the PhD-project, including the planned date of completion.
    It has to be convincingly conveyed that the dissertation or the PhD-project can be completed during the fellowship.
  • (Preliminary) table of contents of the dissertation or project outline of the arts-based PhD-project
  • Existing parts of the dissertation or the PhD-project, like e.g. completed chapters, a video project, the documentation of a performance, etc.


Furthermore, a letter of recommendation of the supervisor is necessary, which particularly addresses the following aspects: scientific/artistic qualification of the applicant, expected quality of the dissertation or the PhD-project, as well as an assessment whether the completion of the PhD is feasible within the indicated time frame.

The signed letters of recommendation have to be sent as scans by the supervisors directly to doktoratszentrum@akbild.ac.at via email.

Amount of the scholarship

Overall, six fellowships for six months each can be awarded (4 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2 University of Art and Design Linz). The amount of the fellowship is EUR 1.000,-- per month.

Funding from third parties (stipends, grants, etc.) has to be announced immediately.

Should the requirements and conditions of the fellowship not be met by the recipients of the fellowship (for example, by exceeding the allowed maximum income, through missing documents etc.), the fellowship has to be repaid.

No later than two months after the fellowship has ended, a final report (1-2 pages max.) has to be submitted per email.


There is one deadline per year.

Deadline 2019: Tuesday 17th November 2020, 11:00 am

Criteria for the awarding and decision-making process:

The awarding of scholarship is decided by a jury for the fellowships on the basis of a review of all applications and. The jury meeting will take place at the beginning of December 2020.

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the submitted documents and according to the financial possibilities. The expected quality of the dissertation or the PhD-Project and the convincingly outline that the successful finalization of the dissertation or the PhD-project is possible during the fellowship are the central criteria in the selection process.

The applicants enjoy no legal right for funding.

The applicants will be informed by email about the results of the selection procedure after the meeting of the panel of experts.

Incomplete and not timely delivered submissions cannot be considered for funding.

For further information please contact Melanie Sindelar (m.sindelar@akbild.ac.at, +43 1 588 16-1115)


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