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Deadline: Wednesday, Jun 30, 2021, 11:00am

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The Coordination Office for the Promotion of Women I Gender Studies I Diversity of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna invites students of the Academy to submit designs for the Gender I Queer I Decolonial Studies Folder (courses at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna). The competition is open to ordinary students of all institutes. Submissions by teams are expressly desired.

For the design of the folder we ask you to submit designs for the front and back with the following specifications: Front page with the title "Gender I Queer I Decolonial Studies", an annually changing line with the text "Academic Year 2021/22" (e.g.) should appear legibly, the logo of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna should appear on the front page. On the back there should be enough space for the titles of the courses, links to Akademie-online and the link to the Gender Studies homepage as well as the address, website and addresses of the Academy's social media channels (FB, Instagram and Twitter) and possible logos of supporting institutions/ÖH etc.

Participation is possible for both individuals and groups. A maximum of 2 designs can be submitted per person or team.
Printable, monochrome or multicoloured drafts in JPG format must be submitted. Portrait or landscape format suitable for DIN A5. Please note that the Academy logo may be printed and the Academy's website may be mentioned. (For printing, the winning design can be requested as a tif, for the jury as a preview the submission as JPG is sufficient).
The submitters assure that they are the owner of the rights of the design. They agree that the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna may use their submitted designs in printed and digital form, stating their authorship, including printing of the logos and naming of the website. All submitters agree to a publication stating their authorship.

The drafts are to be uploaded by 30.06.2021, 11am.
Format: printable JPG, portrait or landscape
File name: Name_first name_draft GQD-Studies Folder
Either up to 2 individual designs or 2 team designs!

The jury will select one design from all submissions. The selected subject will be used for the future folders of Gender Queer Decolonial Studies and will be awarded 500 Euros.

The winners of the competition will be selected by a jury of experts.

Members of the jury
Ingeborg Erhart (Vice Rector Art I Teaching),
Philip Patkowitsch (IBK),
Michaela Zach (Office for Public Relations) and
Ingrid Schacherl (Coordination Office for Women's Promotion | Gender Studies | Diversity).
The selection will be announced in early August 2021. The folder is published annually in the winter semester at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in print and as a pdf on the homepage.

For further information please contact Ingrid Schacherl (, +43 1 588 16-1113)

submission form


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