Conference fees refund for PhD Candidates

Deadline: Friday, Dec 31, 2021, 11:00am

Due to Covid-19 the Center for Doctoral Studies supports regular doctoral students of the Academy in presenting dissertation/Ph.D. project results at digital conferences and symposia or in the presentation of art projects with a refund of conference fees. Prerequisite is an active participation in the conference, the symposium, or the art presentation.

Funding Criteria:
  • A refund of conference fees can subsidize costs for participation in international conferences, congresses, or symposia if the submitted and accepted presentation is linked to the dissertation or the Ph.D.-project.
  • A refund of participation fees can subsidize costs for the presentation of art projects or for presentations in the context of exhibitions, which is directly linked to the dissertation or the Ph.D.-project (only for Ph.D.-in-Practice candidates).
  • Regular students (“ordentliche Studierende”) of all doctoral studies and the Ph.D. in Practice-Program of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, that have an approved dissertation/Ph.D. agreement, resp. for Dr. techn. a supervision agreement can apply for the refund of conference fees.
  • The active participation in the conference or art presentation has to be directly linked to the dissertation or the Ph.D.-project.
  • Applications are possible at any time and retrospective within the calendar year 2021. Incomplete and not timely delivered submissions cannot be considered for funding. As start applications are possible until 31.12.2021.
  • Completed application form (online)

The following documents have to be uploaded as PDF-documents:

  • CV, including a list of publications or a list of artwork, respectively
  • Current certification of enrollment (Studienblatt)
  • Approved dissertation / Ph.D. project agreement (for Dr. techn. signed supervision agreement)
  • Short formless recommendation of the supervisor, including a confirmation that the planned presentation or contribution is directly linked to the dissertation or the Ph.D.-project respectively.
  • Abstract of the contribution
  • written acceptance certificate resp. invitation letter of the digital contribution or art presentation
Amount of the funding and decision making procedure

Up to max. EUR 450,-- can be awarded per person and per application. The awarding and amount of the refund of conference fees is decided by the Department of Art | Research | Support of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The travel allowance is awarded on the basis of the submitted documents and according to the financial possibilities.

The formal fulfillment of all application requirements does not imply any legal entitlement to financial support. Please note that we will inform you about the decision about two weeks after the submission deadline.

After the granting

The awarded refund of conference fees can only be transferred after the submission of all concerning documents (in EUR).

The following original documents have to be sent to the Center for Doctoral Studies:

  • Signed accounting form
  • Original voucher of the conference fees
  • Confirmation of the participation by the respective event organizers
  • Austrian Meldebescheinigung (if Austrian residency)

Deadline: Applications are possible at any time. Applications retrospectively from 1.1.2021 on are taken into consideration, too.

For further information please contact Julia Preisker (, +43 1 588 16-1115)


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