Lectureship program for doctoral students

Deadline: Wednesday, Mar 15, 2023, 11:00am

Promotion of early-stage researchers for the obtainment and advancement of teaching competences for doctoral students

The program addresses all doctoral students, whose stage of the dissertation is advanced and, who aspire to a career as a university lecturer. In this two-semester program scientifically qualified persons, with little or no teaching experience, are gaining theoretical and practical knowledge and competences needed for research-led and student-centered academic teaching. Participation in this program is combined with marginal employment at the Academy, including 2d-hours in the winter semester 2023/24 and 2b-hours in the summer semester 2024, confirmed with a certificate at the end of the program.

Please find all details of the program in the concept of the lectureship program: concept-lectureship-program-for-doctoral-students.pdf [149.83 KB]

Application requirements

  • Doctoral study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as of the third semester (upon application) (before the third semester only by confirming an advanced dissertation by the supervisor)
  • Dissertation Agreement or PhD-Project Agreement handed in on time (within the first year of study according to the curriculum)
    • In the case of a deadline extension for submission of the Dissertation Agreement by the vice-rector for art | teaching, the mail of approval is also needed.


Documents needed for application

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Actual confirmation of enrolment
  • Dissertation Agreement / PhD Project Agreement (incl. Exposé)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Confirmation of the mentor that there is the possibility for co-teaching in the 1st semester of the program and that she_he is available for discussing any upcoming questions as well as support during the 2nd semester
  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor (if not identical to the mentor)
  • Preliminary teaching concept for the independent scientific-theoretical course in the 2nd semester including the following details
    • content
    • type (everything is possible except "VO"-Lecture)
    • language of instruction
    • previous knowledge expected
    • objective (expected results of the study and acquired competences)
    • teaching and learning method
    • recommended reading


Assessment criteria

  • Formal completeness of the application documents
  • Quality of the teaching concept (excluding artistic courses)
  • Scientific quality of the dissertation according to the exposé (Dissertation Agreement or PhD Project Agreement)
  • Progress of the dissertation according to the letter of recommendation


Selection of applicants

The process of selection will proceed in two stages: the vice-rectorate for art and teaching examines the application based on formal criteria (fulfilling the application requirements, and the completeness of the documents). If a final selection is necessary due to the limited number of participants in the program, it will be made by the respective heads of the institutes with the possible involvement of the relevant curriculum commission.


Running of the program / Time table

April 2023 Formal check of the application by the vice-rectorate for art | teaching
May 2023 Selection of the participants
4th October 2023 | 4-5pm Welcome Meeting
As of October Co-Teaching (assistance in the course of your mentor)
As of October  (dates tbc) Course: Introduction to higher education didactics (in English)
15th November 2023 | 2-3pm Course: AcademyOnline & Examination Management for Teaching Staff (in English)
November/December (date tbc) Course: Introduction to Art I Research I Support + Scientific research/offers of the library (in English + German)
November 2023 (date is set by the participants) 1st Peer Group Meeting
10th January 2024 Presentation-Meeting
1st February 2024 Interim evaluation by the vice-rectorate
March–June 2024 Independent scientific-theoretical seminar

May 2024 (date is set by the participants)

2nd Peer Group Meeting
26th June 2024 | 4-5pm Final meeting, awarding of the certificates, feedback round


For further information please contact Elisabeth Jäger (e.jaeger@akbild.ac.at, +43 1 588 16-1203)


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