Research-based Exhibition - curatorial projects for fall 2021

Deadline: Wednesday, Sep 9, 2020, 11:00am

As of now, the Vice Rector’s Office for Art | Teaching of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is accepting proposals for exhibition projects to be presented in the exhibition space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the corner of Eschenbachgasse 11 and Getreidemarkt, 1010 Vienna, in fall 2021.

The open call addresses persons both outside and inside the Academy. We are looking for artistic, curatorial or scientific positions that are concerned with considering exhibitions as a research-based medium at the interface with university research and teaching. The sought-after exhibition project should therefore both explore certain contents and reflect on itself as a medium, thus demonstrating an interest in curatorial strategies and methods. Preference will therefore be given to projects that are convincing from a conceptual point of view and deal with exhibition making and curatorial issues in an experimental way. Provided that the prerequisites are met (see course information sheet), the conception of the exhibition may be theoretically accompanied by the course “Curatorial Studies” starting in the summer semester of 2021. For the duration of the exhibition, the multi-purpose space at Getreidemarkt 12 will also be used as a venue for a discursive accompanying and/or workshop program.

Knowledge of exhibition practice or curatorial experience is required, as is a connection of the submitted project to the Academy of Fine Arts; this connection should be reflected both in terms of content and the selection of artists presented. Preference will be given to projects which forge bridges to the artistic practice or artistic-scientific research at the Academy or deal with the institution’s general values and goals (gender justice and diversity, decolonization, sustainability, etc.). It is also desired that a large proportion of the artists to be exhibited will be students and/or graduates of the Academy (see

Concepts for exhibition projects with a detailed cost and financing plan must be submitted in the form of a PDF via the platform by September 9, 2020, 11 a.m. The service package of the exhibition space (= basic budget), which details the technical and organizational support for projects, is attached to the call for submissions (see exhibition information sheet).

INFORMATION SHEETS AND FLOOR PLANS information-sheets-and-floor-plans_academy_open-call_curatorial-projects_fall-2021.pdf [2.17 MB]

The following documents must be submitted in a PDF document with a maximum size of 5 MB:

  • The exhibition concept describing the contents of the project (max. 3 pages plus images).
  • A list of at least three events during the duration of the exhibition.
  • CVs of the submitting parties (max. 1 page/person).
  • The exhibition budget (= operational budget): breakdown of costs (production of new works, material, transport, exhibition architecture, supporting program; external staff, if the case) against the background of the services provided by the Academy (basic budget, see below). The Academy of Fine Arts will provide a maximum of 10,000 euros (gross = net) per exhibition as a maximum budget (operational budget) plus a maximum amount of 1,500 euros (gross = net) earmarked for the supporting program during the exhibition.
  • A list of possible cooperation partners for grants (financing plan).

Optional, to be submitted as a separate PDF:

  • Concept for the course “Curatorial Studies” comprising two semester hours per week (max. 2 pages)

The Academy’s exhibition commission will evaluate the submitted concepts and make the selection. Acceptances and rejections will be made in mid-October 2020.

For questions regarding the call, the space, or the exhibition program, please contact Stephanie Damianitsch, +43 (0)664 80887-1304,

If you have problems regarding the submission via the online submission tool:

For further information please contact Cornelia Göls (, +43 1 588 16-1201)


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