Poster Competition for Rundgang 2020

Deadline: Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019, 11:00am

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna hereby invites students to submit poster designs for the Rundgang 2020. All enrolled students at the Academy (individuals or teams) are eligible for participation.

For the poster design we ask you to consider the recognition of the Rundgang. The word "RUNDGANG" as well as the date "23.- 26.01.2020" and "Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien" should appear legibly on the poster. Besides this wording the designs are left to the participants.

Submissions from teams are expressly requested. No more than 3 designs may be submitted per person or team. Submissions must contain press-ready, one or multicolor CI designs in a JPG format (suitable for DIN-A1 and DIN-A3 and other sized posters, portrait format!).

With their entry, participants confirm that they are the sole holders of any and all rights to their design. They also agree that the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna may publish, with authorship credit, their submitted entries in printed and digital form with an Academy logo placed on the design. Participants agree that the submissions may be published.

Submission(s) must be uploaded by Tuesday 19.11.2019, 11:00 a.m.
Format: printable JPG, portrait format
File name: Name_Surname_Rundgang_Plakat
Up to three separate submissions are possible per person or team. If you hand in a poster series you can upload up to three jpgs in one submission form.

The jury selects a poster (or a series of 3) from all submissions. The selected poster will be used to advertise the Rundgang and will be awarded with 1,500 euros.

The winning entries will be selected by a jury. The jury members are: Vice-Rector Ingeborg Erhart, Professor Dorit Margreiter (IBK), Professor Christian Schwarzwald (IBK), Claudia Kaiser (PR) und Lorenz Seidler ( Chair of the Jury (without vote): Rector Johan Hartle.

The decision of the jury will be announced in early December 2019. The selected design will be put up on posters and handed digitally.

For further information please contact Christine Rogi (, +43 1 588 16-1020)


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