xhibitE: Call for Exhibition Projects to Be Realized in 2020

Deadline: Thursday, Feb 14, 2019, 11:59pm

Deadline: 14.02.2019

As of now, the Vice Rector’s Office for Art | Research of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is accepting proposals for exhibition projects to be realized in 2020. The projects will be presented at xhibitE, the new exhibition space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which will open in Eschenbachgasse 11 on the corner of Getreidemarkt in Vienna’s first district at the end of January 2019.

The call is directed toward both persons outside the Academy and the Academy’s staff members, students, graduates, and departments. Required are a familiarity with exhibition practices and curatorial experience as well as a connection of the submitted project to the Academy of Fine Arts. Projects dealing with artistic practices and artistic-scholarly research topics pursued at the Academy or concerned with the institution’s general values and objectives (gender mainstreaming, antidiscrimination, etc.) will be preferred. Suggestions for joint projects between the Academy’s departments or departments and collections are also welcome. A maximum of three projects will be realized.

Concepts for exhibition projects including a detailed cost estimate and financing plan have to be submitted via the submission platform https://calls.akbild.ac.at/ by February 14, 2019.

The proposal has to contain the following:

  • detailed exhibition concept (not more than three pages, plus pictorial material);
  • CV of the applicant(s) (not more than one page per person);
  • exhibition budget (= operative budget): breakdown of costs (production of new work, material, transport, exhibition architecture, fees for external contributors, accompanying program) considering the services offered by the Academy (basic budget; for details, see below); for each exhibition the Academy will provide a maximum operative budget of 10,000 euros (gross equals net) and a maximum amount of 500 euros (gross equals net) earmarked for the accompanying program;
  • a list of possible contributing sponsors (financing plan);
  • details concerning the preferred period of realization (openings in spring, summer, and fall 2020).

The Academy’s exhibition committee will assess the submitted concepts and propose their selection of projects to the Vice Rector’s Office for Art | Research. Entrants will be informed in spring 2019 whether their projects have been chosen.

 General context for the realization of the projects

The exhibition space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna xhibitE operates at the interface between artistic-scholarly research, academic art practices, and the international art world. It presents the Academy’s current production of knowledge and artwork to the general public on the one hand and provides an

inspiration for the Academy by highlighting international curatorial and artistic positions on the other. The exhibition space offers a venue for artistic and sociopolitical discourse and thus not only serves as a mirror of the Academy’s activities for the outside world but, above all, forms a platform for the exchange of ideas within a complex transdisciplinary field of practice.

The xhibitE space comprises two floors (ground floor and basement) in the building on the corner of Eschenbachgasse and Getreidemarkt and offers a total exhibition area of approximately 280 square meters. Details on the space are to be found in the download area at https://www.akbild.ac.at/resolveuid/5d5b731544b04f4189de647b16657d6c.

The Department of Public Relations and Exhibition Management of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna will be responsible for the consultation, planning, organization, and public relations work for xhibitE exhibitions. This particularly includes

  • conceptual support in the realization of the exhibition;
  • the management of loans, the operation of the exhibition, and the provision of conservatory measures, etc.;
  • the administration of the entire project budget;
  • the planning of exhibition contrivances and displays, as well as the mounting and dismantling of the exhibition in collaboration with the Academy’s Department of Facility Management and Procurement and on the basis of given constructional conditions and security technology;
  • the provision of media equipment (projectors, monitors, DVD and media players);
  • the production of printed matter along xhibitE design lines: invitation (6,000 copies), folder;
  • press work and organization of a press conference;
  • the administration of the project on the Academy’s website, electronic communication, and advertisements in accordance with the given budget.

All services can only be provided within the timetable laid down by the Department of Public Relations and Exhibition Management.

Budget breakdown

  • Basic budget: fixed components of the exhibition production (such as panel texts, insurance, opening night cocktail reception, cleaning), operation of the exhibition (attendants, etc.), public relations work, printed matter. The apportioned budget is earmarked and cannot be reallocated.
  • Operative budget (maximum of 10,000 euros plus a maximum of 500 euros for the accompanying program; gross equals net): production of new artwork, material, transport, displays, expenses for rented devices, fees for external contributors, accompanying program (in accordance with the budget applied for and negotiated).

Stephanie Damianitsch (+43 1 588 16-1304, s.damianitsch@akbild.ac.at) will be glad to help with all questions concerning the call, the exhibition space, and the program.

Please submit all required materials in a single PDF file of a maximum size of 5 MB via https://calls.akbild.ac.at/ 

For further information please contact Christine Rogi (c.rogi@akbild.ac.at, +43 1 588 16-1020)


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