Mentoring-Programm Kunst 2022

Deadline: Monday, Sep 6, 2021, 11:00am

Mentoring-Programm Kunst

Submission deadline: September 6, 2021, 11:00 a.m.


The art mentoring program of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna aims to support graduates of the Academy with independent artistic practice in developing a professional artistic career. Set at the interface between studies and freelance artistic work, the one-year scholarship program is aimed at graduates from all fields of study at the academy who want to receive mentoring for the first phase after their studies. This individual transfer of knowledge and experience by mentors from outside the university from the arts and culture is, in addition to financial support, the central aspect of the program.

The program serves to promote young artists at the academy as well as the equal participation of the sexes in the art field and offers graduates the opportunity to gain diverse insights into the art industry and practical knowledge to develop a professional artistic career.

The program's cooperation partner is the Association of Austrian Women Artists (VBKÖ) and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport (BMKÖS).


Members of the Advisory Board

Ingeborg Erhart, Vice-Rector for Art I Teaching, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Elke Krasny, Institute for Art Teaching, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Bettina Leidl, director of the Kunsthaus Vienna
Barbara Pflanzner, Project Coordinator Art Mentoring Program, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Soso Phist, artist Vienna
Constanze Ruhm, Institute for Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Ruby Sircar, Association of Austrian Women Artists (VBKÖ)


Scholarship benefits

  • Scholarship of € 8,000 per person, paid out quarterly. (Any travel costs or other expenses incurred in the course of the program year are not specifically compensated).
  • Individual support from a mentor during the program year
  • Possibility to use the workshops / laboratories at the academy after consultation with the MPK- office and the workshop manager
  • Offer of a workshop for mentees
  • Offer of four training workshops, two of which can be attended. The content of the workshops will be discussed with the scholarship holders by the MPK-office at the beginning of the program year.
  • Continuous exchange of experiences between the scholarship holders (peer group meetings) as well as network meetings with the people involved in the program (mentees, mentors)
  • Final publication with texts about each scholarship holder


Mentors 2021/22

  1. Sabine Breitwieser, Kuratorin, Wien
  2. Severin Dünser, Kurator 21er Haus, Belvedere Wien
  3. Silvia Eiblmayr, Kuratorin, Wien
  4. Rainer Fuchs, Chefkurator mumok Wien
  5. Yasmina Haddad, Künstlerin/Fotografin (Fotografie), Wien
  6. Caroline Heider, Künstlerin, Wien,
  7. Roberta Lima, Künstlerin Wien
  8. Fiona Liewehr, Kuratorin, Wien
  9. Maren Lübbke-Tidow, Kuratorin und Journalistin Berlin/Wien
  10. Gin Müller, Universität Wien
  11. Lisa Ortner-Kreil, Kuratorin Fotografie, Wien
  12. Katrina Petter, Leiterin KÖR NÖ
  13. Ivana Pilic, Kuratorin/Kulturwissenschafterin, Salzburg
  14. Katrin Plavcak, Künstlerin Wien
  15. Maruša Sagadin, Künstlerin, Wien
  16. Tatia Shkirtladze, Regisseurin, Filmemacherin, Wien
  17. Walter Seidl, Kurator, Künstler, Autor, Wien
  18. Deniz Sözen, Künstlerin, UK
  19. Rosario Talevi, Architektin, Berlin
  20. Sophie Utikal, Künstlerin, Künstlerin, Berlin
  21. Andrea van der Straeten, Künstlerin, Wien
  22. Yosi Wanunu, author/writer Toxic Dreams, Wien

Application requirements

  • Degree (Diploma / Master) at the Academy between October 1, 2019 and June 30, 2021
  • Completed application form (to be found at
  • Curriculum vitae with information on training and an overview of previous artistic career (solo and group exhibitions, grants and prizes)
  • Portfolio with 5 selected works (update: projects) from the previous artistic résumé
  • Registration form
  • Letter of recommendation from an academy-internal or external person from the artistic field, which can provide information about the applicant's artistic qualifications. (The letter of recommendation should not be written by the head of the department from whom one graduated).
  • Persons who have already been selected to participate in the Akademie Studio program 2021-22 are excluded from application.


Selection criteria

  • Quality of the submitted application
  • Academic success
  • Artistic résumé, previous exhibitions, etc.
  • The motivation of the participants must correspond to the goals of the MPK


Time schedule

  • By September 6, 2021: Application to the Vice Rectorate for Art I Teaching using the Academy's submission tool
  • Mid-September 2021: Submission of the applications to the respective department heads for assessment
  • Mid-October 2021: Recommendations from the department heads are available
  • Beginning of November 2021: final selection and award of the scholarships by the advisory board. (Allocation of the tandem scholarship holder - mentor by the advisory board, taking into account the priorities listed in the application. The advisory board reserves the right to allocate the tandems differently than stated in the application.)
  • November 2021: Start of the Art 2021 mentoring program
  • January 2022: Kick-off event with all those involved (scholarship holders, mentors, advisory board)
  • May / June 2022: Network meeting with everyone involved in the program
  • November 2022: Final exchange meeting for all those involved in the program
  • December 2021: Feedback on the program from participants, mentors, VR Art I teaching



Please save your portfolio and curriculum vitae in a PDF file (German or English, max. 25 pages with 10 MB with last name_First name_Portfolio_MPK20 / 21) Please save the registration slip and diploma notification in another PDF file (max. 5 MB with last name_First name_Meldezettel_MPK20 / 21). Please upload both files in the fields provided via the submission tool of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna ( under Mentoring Program Art


MMag.a Barbara Pflanzner
Programmleitung Mentoring-Programm Kunst
Augasse 2-6, A1.10.16 | A-1090 Wien
T +43 (0)1 588 16-1204

For further information please contact Barbara Pflanzner (, +43 1 588 16-1204)


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